About Us
HedefGrup, was founded in 2005 by an experienced team that had served for a long time in the research industry.

We think the productive and lasting cooperation we had going on with market leading brands since our founding is the result of the high value and effort we put in our work.

Our goal is to establish a strong bond between you and your customers through research and provide the flow of information you need to achieve your goals. Our research, always managed with a great "love for truth" as a basis, offer you accurate, reliable insights into the market.

HedefGrup Research Team

Rana Berk – Director
Rana has 25 years experience as a quantitative and qualitative researcher. She graduated from Marmara University in Communication. The research areas which she specializes in are customer satisfaction, B2B studies, brand research, tracking studies and market segmentation. She adapted major syndicated international projects to the Turkish market place as a project director.

HedefGrup Fieldwork Team

Hülya Tağaç – Field supervisor
Hülya, a graduate of Uludağ University Department of Econometrics, worked in expenses accounting for a while. Her experience in the research industry started in 2004 as an interviewer and field supervisor. Hülya is a successful field worker with her dedication and focus in every survey she performs, and she also has a limitless ability to convince in B2B studies

Nilüfer Güldiken – Field Supervisor
Nilüfer, a graduate of Anadolu University Public Administration Department, has been a constant part of the HedefGrup Automotive Studies main team for the last 7 years. Nilüfer has accumulated experience on customer satisfaction and B2B studies and has a rarely seen level of work consistency with her patient personality and ability to thrive on adversity.