Our Values
Accurate Information

We believe that the main motivation that will lead us to accurate information is the "real interest" we have in your work. For us, the first step is correctly understanding the "question" that made you need market research.
And after that;

  • Correct study model
  • A fieldwork that is diligently applied, monitored and audited at every stage
  • A point of view that researches how the "question" was answered in every detail in the data gathered
  • Open and easy to understand analysis
make all research stages and the resulting information reliable and easy to use for you.

Reasonable Price

We are using the advantages of being a small research company to offer you reasonably priced research solutions..

You can get high quality at a reasonable price in HedefGrup.

Correct Timing

We must emphasize that the only place where we aren't flexible about timing is fieldwork. Necessary time must always be allotted for a high quality fieldwork.


Transparency is the basis of real cooperation we have with you. With our respectful attitude towards truth, we always ensure that all research process, research budget and timing are clear and easy to understand for you.